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Acme Date

Aero Film


Artists Television Group (ATG)

Avery Pix

Beach House Films

Beacon Pictures

Beef & Pie Productions

Big Pictures Studio

Brad Grey Pictures

CBS Television

Christopher Films

Circle R Media

Columbia Pictures

Comedy Central

Daniel L. Paulson Productions

Danon Prod.

Dawn Syndicated Productions

De Nolf Film

Dennis Murphy Photography



double A Films

DreamWorks SKG

Echo Lake Productions

Endemol USA

entitled entertainment

Episolon Motion Pictures

Fabulous Films

Film Foundry Partners

FineLine Features

First Look International

Franchise Pictures

Friday Night Lights LLC

GreeneStreet Films


Horsepower Films

Hungry Man Prod.

Imagine Entertainment

Intermedia Films

La Banda Films

Live Planet

Lions Gate Television

Longfellow Pictures

Magnolia Productions

Mark Gordon Productions

Mary Kay Cosmetics

MDBF Filmgesellschaft


National Media, Inc.

NBC Productions

NBC Studios

NBC Universal Television

New Line Cinema

Park Pictures

Pepsi/Frito Lay

Pilgrim Films & Television

Process Productions

Producers Video

Re-Think Media

Roy Zipstein Photography

Scott Howell Productions

SeaBreeze Productions

Showtime Networks Inc.

Sidney Kimmel Entertainment

Single Cell Pictures

SKE Films

Sony Pictures Entertainment

Stone Core Films

Stonelock Pictures

Studios USA Television

Sugar Film Production

Sweetland Films

Telepictures Productions

Touchstone Television

Traktor Films

Union Générale Cinématographique

Universal Network Television

Universal Pictures

Universal Studios

Vinyl Films

Warner Bros.

White Box Films

Wind Dancer Productions

Wolf Films

Young & Rubicon

Almost Famous

Almost Famous

Dir:  Cameron Crowe

Prod:  Ian Bryce

*Period piece set in early 1970’s

Production Companies

Feature Films

Commercials & Special Events

Sweet & Lowdown

Sweet and Lowdown

Dir:  Woody Allen

*Period piece set in early 1930’s

Friday Night Lights
Law & Order:  SVU
Third Watch
Cradle Will Rock

Friday Night Lights

Prod:  Brian Grazer

Dir:  Peter Berg

Law & Order:  SVU

Prod:  Dick Wolf

The Emperor's Club
City by the Sea
Thirteen Conversations About One Thing
Sugar and Spice
I'm With Lucy
Upright Citizen Brigade
Madigan Men
Saving Jessica Lynch
The Cut

Third Watch

Prod:  John Wells

Cradle Will Rock

Dir/Prod:  Tim Robbins

*Period piece set in early 1930’s

The Emperor’s Club

*Period piece set in 1970’s

City By The Sea

13 Conversations About One Thing

Dir:  Jill Sprecher

Sugar & Spice

Prod:  Wendy Finerman

Prod:  Claire Rudnick Polstein


Prod:  Mark Gordon

Prod:  Nick Thiel

Company Man

Period piece set in late 1950’s

Company Man

I’m With Lucy

Upright Citizens Brigade

Madigan Men

Dir:  James Burrows


Prod:  Dick Wolf

Endemol USA

Reality Show TV Pilot

Saving Jessica Lynch

Movie of the Week

Leap Years


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Just some of the projects and companies in which I have been involved over the years...

You may also check out my IMDB listing here, and download a PDF of my resume, here

A House Divided

CBS Pilot