Some thoughts addressing an annoying online trend

If people are going to ask for free location recommendations, as opposed to hiring a proper location scout or manager, the least they should include is their approx budget, footprint, how much total time/access they need at the location, and whether or not they have film insurance. If people do not have insurance it’s not in anyone’s interest to recommend places or be a part of such productions. Also, those who haven’t been properly trained on how to deal with locations should not approach them. Inexperienced people trying to handle locations hurts the business as a whole. Professional well planned projects have proper insurance and reasonable budgets for the locations themselves, permits, and for a professional location scout, manager, or locations department to handle things the right way.

Too many smaller productions are trying to cut too many corners and it hurts the entire industry. No one who cares about basic professionalism and doing things the proper and safe way for all should even want to be a part of production that cuts such corners in my opinion.