NYC Locations for "The Deuce" - a 1970's Period Piece from HBO and the folks behind "The Wire"


Well, thank God, it's been an insanely busy summer for me, and for most working in production in NYC, so I haven't had time to post much since I updated my site back in May, but I'm excited about the "The Deuce" on HBO (as it's from David Simon, who created The Wire, which I was also a big fan), and I also love "Untapped Cities, which did did a nice little breakdown of some of the locations on the show, which you can read here.

They wrote: 

On Friday, HBO dropped an advance premiere episode of The Deuce, its new television series starring James Franco and Maggie Gyllenhaal about Times Square in the early 1970s through mid-1980s. The show, created by George Pelecanos and David Simon, stars James Franco and Maggie Gyllenhaal, and chronicles the rise and legalization of the porn industry.
Here are the film locations so far we can ascertain from the first episode and the trailer, with assistance from our Gritty Times Square tour guide, Bob Brenner. The show officially releases on September 10th.

Be sure to checkout the trailer, below! I hope it's great, as at least the trailer is one of those things that makes me proud to be a part of production in this great city and I know a lot of blood, sweat, and tears and hard work went into making this thing, behind the scenes, and helped create a huge economic boom for both the City and State! Hoping it's as great as it looks and I wish to again congratulate all who were and probably still are involved! Period pieces require that much more effort and attention to detail.... of course, they're a little easier to produce today with CGI than they were back in the day, but still, lots of hard work!